Popular Comic Books

Comic books usually fill the book shelves in bookstores. Thousands of writers around the world are doing their best to write books that can grab the interest of readers from young children to adults. Some of you might have a collection of books having different genres and probably you displayed those collections in your mini library. Whenever you visit a bookstore, you are surely captivated of new titles that you see and you probably made a goal to buy those books after reading the one you bought.

The popular comic books to be mentioned here are for both young boys and girls and even for teenagers. There are the all-time favorite comic books of many which was also regarded as the top most favorite comic books of all time. But as time passes by, new stories are being published. Astonishing X-Men, Justice League of America, Avengers, Batman, Spider Man, The Ultimates, and Teen Titans are some of the popular comic books which boys and even girls like reading the most.

There were also movies that were produced having the same story as that in the comic books. These comic books caught the attention and interest of many boys and girls because of its genre. Some of these are all about action and adventure as well as mystery and science fiction. No wonder, it caught the interest of young children and teenagers. If you are to ask every child, for sure they will let you know who is their favorite superhero.